urban voice is...

An umbrella organization that uses grassroots initiatives to confront inner-city stagnation resulting in generational poverty, repetitious broken promises and social exclusion.

Using visual education, citizen media and entrepreneurial initiatives, we hope to equalize the landscape, change existing paradigms and forge an engine that ignites a revolution for inner-city sustainability run by those who live and work in their communities. We know it’s a tall order, and we know it needs to be done.

Without compromise, we are passionate and determined for the common good.

    Our work lies in three areas:
  • Video Production – Helping individuals and organizations to tell their stories on video.
  • Entrepreneurial Training – Urban FIRE, our nationally-awarded training for adults.
  • Containerized Urban Farming – Upinde ROOTS, using ecologically frugal, simplified methods

Urban VOICE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Emeryville/Oakland, CA.